Customer Adoption

Achieving a return-on-investment and ongoing cost savings is dependent upon one thing—the number of customers that will adopt the service.

The key to a successful electronic customer communication strategy is providing customers access to information in the way that they want to receive it—email, web, mobile access, etc. Customers demand convenience, ease-of-use, security, trust and reliability. They also want flexibility in the way documents are delivered.

It is estimated that more than 60 percent of households in North America have access to the web and email. Determining which communication channel to use is often a combination of customer preference and risk management. For non-critical communication (statutory notifications, confirmations, reminders), the most cost effective means is to “push” the content to the customer, typically by email. For documents containing confidential information, the preferred channel for organizations is the web via email notifications. For time-critical communication (fraud alerts, low account balance, etc), the preferred means of communication is text messaging.

A multi-channel delivery service that includes push, pull and an alert facility is required to achieve adoption rates that will ensure a ROI and ongoing cost savings and satisfy organization security policies. Give customers the delivery choices that meet their wants and needs, and they will adopt.