Billing Service Providers

CORE360 enables billing service providers to offer their customers a full suite of electronic billing and payment services through a secure correspondence portal. Billing service providers are able to differentiate their services, increase customer convenience, improve customer satisfaction, reduce receivable days-outstanding, reduce calls to the call center and provide high-value profitable services to their clients.

Electronic Document Delivery (eDD) and Electronic Billing and Payment (EBP) are applications that can facilitate paperless document delivery for your client base and complement existing print and mail services in a variety of industries including:

  • Utilities
  • Cable, Internet and wireless
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical and insurance
  • Financial and investment
  • Credit card
  • Direct marketing


Both you and your clients will benefit from implementing eDD and EBP. Your clients can reduce costs and improve customer service and marketing efforts, while you attract additional clients, enjoy a competitive advantage and grow revenue by expanding your portfolio to include secure multiple delivery channels and payment services.

Multi-Client, Enterprise-Wide Solution

CORE360 is a scalable, fault-tolerant, multi-purpose solution that supports multiple clients within a single implementation of CORE360—leveraging your hardware, software and resources. Each client’s information is protected and isolated from other clients. In addition, you can support a client’s enterprise-wide document delivery requirements. With the ability to support multiple business functions within CORE360, performance and throughput is critical. The system is scalable to support the daily demands of low-volume pilots to full-scale implementation with multiple clients.

CORE360 enables billing services providers to offer:

  • Secure web-presentment of bills, invoices and other correspondence and information
  • Bill and document availability alert and notifications
  • Secure delivery of bills, invoices and other correspondence via email
  • Billing and payment alerts and notifications
  • Electronic payment initiation
  • Public Relations (PR), marketing and advertising within all forms of correspondence


With CORE360 as their foundation for consumer and business electronic billing and payment services, billing service providers are able to:

  • Differentiate their services
  • Increase customer convenience
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce receivable days-outstanding
  • Reduce calls to the call center
  • Provide high-value profitable services to their clients


For many industries, billing and payment can be a highly regulated activity that is impacted by privacy concerns, identity theft and legal implications and payment regulations. CORE360 provides multiple levels of security, privacy and regulatory features to ensure all aspects of billing, notification, correspondence and payment compliance is met.

CORE360 for billing services also provides industry compliant payment initiation capabilities that include:

  • ACH, credit card, debit card and other local, regional, national and international payment types
  • Automatic recurring payment initiation
  • Automatic recurring payments under threshold
  • Customer directed payment from within the bill


CORE360 easily integrates with any existing payment clearing service or entity including remittance processors, merchant banks, electronic lockbox services, card processors, etc. Billing service providers can leverage the services of their existing payment clearing processor or processor(s) to minimize the impact on their traditional billing and account receivables systems. CORE360 is based on industry standards, enabling billing service providers to maximize the investments that they already have in their IT environments.