Corporate Banking

CORE360 provides corporate banks with a secure correspondence portal for presenting and delivering a variety of sensitive and non-sensitive electronic correspondence. It also allows banks to proactively push time-critical information directly to customers via their preferred channel of communication, such as email, web and SMS/text messaging for alerts and notices.

Financial institutions depend on CORE360 to deliver:

  • Online statements and reports
  • Proactive alerts and notices (payment status, payment exceptions, balance alerts, etc)
  • Electronic documents and information (e.g. cash management reports, wire transfer confirmations and trade confirmations)
  • Treasury services
  • Payment clearing
  • Financing services
  • Credit cards
  • Wire transfers


CORE360 also offers a robust set of features needed for regulatory compliance, paper suppression, privacy and legal immutability of correspondence to address Internet transaction integrity and the stringent compliance requirements imposed on financial institutions.