Retail Banking

CORE360 gives retail banks the platform needed to correspond with their customers through multiple electronic channels. Sensitive information such as personalized statements, letters and notifications can be securely accessed and viewed from a centralized repository hosted by the bank. Other generic or less sensitive alerts, notifications, newsletters, etc. are distributed directly to the customer via email, wireless device, voice and/or fax. The direct delivery capabilities are also used to push time sensitive alerts to the customer via these same channels.

CORE360 also helps retail banks:

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate paper statements and documents
  • Satisfy new regulatory requirements electronically
  • Reduce cost of payment and remittance processing
  • Reduce call center volume

Impact Customer Retention

  • Communicate high value alerts and notifications electronically
  • Provide improved customer service
  • Distribute Web site to customer desktop

Improve Customer Service

  • Reduce turnaround time on inquiries
  • Reduce call durations

Increase Marketing Effectiveness

  • Provide one-to-one marketing messages
  • Promote additional products and services

Security, privacy, industry and government regulations and compliance requirements have added tremendous burden on banks. CORE360 meets all of the measures needed to ensure legal, regulatory and audit compliance as it applies to distributing electronic correspondence in one platform. With CORE360, the bank controls all aspects of security, privacy, tracking, audit and legal immutability required for each piece of correspondence created and distributed. From a single solution, the bank applies all the necessary parameters to all correspondence using a common platform across lines of business.

CORE360 has been proven to meet some of the most demanding needs for high performance, reliability, throughput and scalability from the largest national and international banks in the world’s top 100 to the local and regional banks within the U.S. and abroad. It takes advantage of cost efficient standard server based hardware to meet the needs of up and down the scale.