Correspondence Processing

The correspondence processing component of CORE360 is a collection of integrated services that provide the end-to-end message processing including message input into CORE360, message transformation, message processing (business rules and logic) and message delivery out to external systems.

The CORE360 correspondence processing framework services are based on a fault tolerant transaction queuing system that supports interruption and immediate restart with no loss of data, state or processing position. This is the responsibility of the job scheduler. This ensures that when configured in a clustered active/active high availability configuration environment, as machines, orphaned jobs are recovered by the CORE360 job scheduler and redistributed to other running machines that take over the work from the last transaction position on the original machine. CORE360 guarantees that no document jobs will be lost on the production servers and every document will be processed and delivered exactly once (no accidental replays). The addition of a new machine or loss of a machine simply increases or decreases the processing capabilities of the system. Service continues but response times may be affected under load.

CORE360 uniquely identifies and tracks every message data input job with a document token. Document tokens provide the following functionality:

  • Cryptographically secure (any given document token cannot be used to predict or generate any other document token)

  • Complete reference to exactly one message request with a globally unique ID

  • Provides no direct information about the message

  • Safely establishes external message context

  • Establishes unique key for transactional processing

  • Provides support for channel response and message linking

  • Provides external key for auditing and monitoring of related event

Document tokens must be associated with every request sent to CORE360 input channel manager module.  If the upstream system submitting the request does not supply a global unique ID, CORE360 can be configured to generate one.