On-Demand Notifications

CORE360 provides a combination of multiple customer communication channels and associated business rules required for an on-demand customer alerting and notification solution. Alerts and notifications have slightly different properties which must be recognized.


Alerts are time sensitive and contain critical information that often requires an immediate customer response or action. Examples of alerts are:

  • Credit card fraud alert
  • Low bank balance alert
  • Credit card limit alerts


Notifications are typically not time critical, however they are frequently triggered by a customer action and so the customer expects to receive the associated notification in a reasonable time period. Examples of notifications include:

  • Bank deposit notifications (esp. payroll deposits)
  • Credit card delivery notification  
  • Bank statement delivery notification  
  • PIN mailer
  • Enrollment confirmation
  • Trade confirmation
  • Password change notification


CORE360 can alert and notify customers of a variety of activities and/or events that they would normally contact the call center to confirm. Proactively communicating with customers when these events occur via email or wireless device is a great way to provide customers more timely information and reduce call center volume.

Beyond sending the alert information to customers, CORE360 also supports actionable responses from customers. For example, in the case of a fraud alert, the customer can immediately respond to the SMS text message indicating whether the transaction is fraudulent, and CORE360 will process this response and communicate the results back to a fraud detection system (or fraud analyst).