Interactive Communication

Interactive electronic communication combines user entered data with a pre-defined form. The importance of this type of customer communication is growing as more customers are looking for anywhere/anytime access to their information and/or support. Interactive electronic communication is also a lower cost alternative.

Customer Support

Providing customers with electronic channels like the web and email reduces the cost of traditional call center agent support. Using CORE360 as a hub for customer support provides a secure, tracked and central solution for assisting customers.

On-Line Form

On-line electronic forms help simplify the submittal process, be it for an application, request for information or claim. On-line forms can validate the information as it is entered, reducing costly mistakes in correction turnaround on paper forms and accelerating the overall process. Examples of on-line forms are:

  • Loan applications
  • Insurance policies
  • Contracts
  • Enrollment requests

CORE360 can produce print-ready filled in forms or digitally signed electronic forms depending on the application requirements.