Targeted Content

CORE360 is a comprehensive solution for delivering targeted content to consumers, with the ability to support virtually any type of content. The content can be submitted into CORE360 in a fully rendered format, ready for delivery, or as raw data for full content production and rendering. During the content production process, CORE360 has the ability to access data from a variety of sources including:

  • Source data input file
  • Customer profile/preferences held in CORE360
  • External system

In addition, during the content production phase of processing, CORE360 can call out to customer defined business rules for data collection, calculations or custom content production. Content production is controlled by a number of factors as required by a multi-channel communications management solution, including:

  • Channel of delivery (e.g. cannot deliver PDF content through SMS channel)
  • Enterprise policies regarding document formats (e.g. credit card statements are always PDF formatted)
  • Customer preferences for receiving content (e.g. can select either HTML or PDF for document, depending on whether document size or print reproduction is more important

Once the desired content is produced, CORE360 delivers it to the customer based on their subscription preferences managed in CORE360, with the ability to have an arbitrary number of delivery addresses (multiple email addresses, phone numbers).