Social Media

The role of social media in customer communication is rapidly evolving and is viewed as an opportunity to open new communication channels and as a means to access information. As stated by Henna Sarkkinenin “The Role of Social Media in Customer Communications in Business to Business Markets”:

"Social media changes the roles of the seller and the customer. The main principle is to talk with customers not at them. The seller needs to engage the customers to communication either by providing such content or creating such environment that the customers want to visit the digital forums of the seller."

The challenge of social media is not just drawing people to your information but pushing content to the end user. Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are used for customer communications where the primary content communicated is:


Facebook and Twitter have provided great communication channels for marketing campaigns, especially campaigns that are continuously updated and provide incentive for prospects to monitor the activity.

Organizational Communication

LinkedIn has become an important part of the on-line presence of an organization. Beyond providing information on the organization, many companies are also promoting a consistent on-line presence for company employees (especially the executive team).


LinkedIn and Facebook are both actively used for recruiting talent into organizations, especially with automatic updates regularly getting pushed out to interested followers.