Planet Group Inc. is presenting at the Xplor XDU On the Road Conference in Vancouver Sept 18, 2012

August 27, 2012

Making it Relevant...Internationally  - Planet Group is excited to announce they will be presenting at the Xplor XDU On the Road Conference in Vancouver Sept 18, 2012

Thinking about expanding into the massive opportunity presented by international markets? Customers requesting help with rolling out document delivery solutions around the world? This session highlights the challenges and considerations that must be taken into account when moving to global document delivery markets, both from a business and technical perspective.

Presenter:  Mark Miller, CORE360 Product Owner, Planet Group, Inc: 

Mark has been providing large enterprises with electronic document delivery solutions for 15 years, with experience in product development, strategy, and overseeing large deployment projects worldwide. In his current role, Mark manages the CORE360 business unit for Planet Group, Inc., which develops and distributes the CORE360 document processing and delivery solution. Prior to working in this field, Mark worked for 10 years as a consultant for large enterprise and federal government projects, providing solutions for staffing systems (imaging, indexing, and storing resumes) and materials management systems.

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