Agile BPM for the Enterprise

Workpoint can be deployed across the enterprise in two ways; as an embeddable BPM component and as an enterprise orchestration solution. Workpoint provides field-proven, flexible, scalable BPM that not only automates critical business processes, but also empowers people to drive process improvement. From process design and modeling through process management automation and compliance enforcement, Workpoint enables and aligns business and IT teams to collaborate on the design, creation, management and monitoring of end-to-end business processes. Usage of Agile BPM for business processes that are most closely aligned to your critical success factors promote unity between the business and technical areas and provides the highest cross-enterprise benefit and return on investment.

Seamlessly Connecting Your Business Value Chain

Workpoint offers comprehensive BPM that allows organizations to seamlessly connect their business value chain (i.e. stovepipe processes and functions), internal and external resources and disparate systems. A process-managed business value chain supports, empowers and energizes employees to perform tasks that are well-coordinated and in-sync with the goals and strategies of the organization. With Workpoint, organizations can achieve a process-managed business value chain and are therefore able to understand end-to-end processes, spot anomalies, eradicate redundancies and eliminate inefficiencies.

With Workpoint, business and IT managers and employees alike can benefit from high performance BPM that automates systems and adapts to the people and resources utilizing those systems. Workpoint’s powerful execution engine and flexible component architecture provide supreme adaptability, handling exceptions, facilitating change and enabling collaboration across the enterprise. Workpoint also embraces both distributed transactions and human and automated workflows to achieve a fully functional human-centric and process-centric enterprise.

Workpoint can be implemented in any industry to manage end-to-end processes, reduce bottlenecks, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase the bottom line. Discover how Workpoint can address the needs of your organization and industry, be it Financial, GovernmentHealthcare or other.