World Leader in Embeddable BPM Technology

As a BPM vendor with a strong OEM client base, Workpoint understands that independent software vendors (ISVs) and application service providers (ASPs) present a unique set of standards for a BPM solution. For example, ISVs and ASPs must be able to adapt and customize their IT environment to meet various customer demands, performance and reliability. They must also be able to build interoperability between applications and platforms, while leveraging legacy applications when needed. More importantly, ISVs and ASPs need to deliver their solutions quickly and efficiently.

Why Embed Workpoint?

With Workpoint's flexible component architecture and high scalability, organizations can seamlessly implement Workpoint to offer their own customers sophisticated workflow engine in the desired technology, J2EE or .NET. Platform and database independent, Workpoint can be embedded into virtually any existing application. Some of the largest ISVs in the world have chosen Workpoint to embed within their own products and services, including those that offer identity management, risk management, retail management, content management and financial services; just to name a few.

ISVs and ASPs across the globe choose Workpoint to meet their unique BPM demands and enhance their own product offerings. For example, one of the world's largest IT management software providers embedded Workpoint for its graphical workflow engine and ability to automate routine business procedures, such as provisioning requests that require approvals. With Workpoint, this ISV's customers can view every step of the approval business process, and when one step is completed, the next step is automatically initiated. Workpoint dynamically builds and displays all requested approvals, enabling designated personnel to see exactly what requires their attention and when it must be completed. Workpoint also maintains the status of these procedures so that the initiators can track their requests without needlessly calling or e-mailing the assigned participants of the task.

A premier provider of security and identity management solutions also embedded Workpoint to automate the credential deployment process; traditionally a time-intensive burden on administrators. As opposed to IT staff personally contacting resource owners and employee managers, Workpoint distributes requests either automatically or through designated levels of approval to securely grant access and ensure fast, cost-effective rollout of authentication credentials.

Leverage Real-Time Process Modification & Adaptability

Workpoint enables real-time modifications by allowing users to alter processes via a graphical interface or programmatically. ISVs are thus able to accommodate ever-changing customer requirements and regulations with just a simple graphical change: a fast, easy and cost-effective approach. Additionally, process flows within applications tend to start relatively simple, and then get increasingly complex over time. Even if the first iteration of a Workpoint-enabled application does not require complex business logic, it can be added at a later date without extensive changes to the application code itself. Workpoint’s dynamic process modification during execution or runtime is a must requirement in today’s fast-changing world to meet the agility and change management needs of the ISV’s customer base.

Decrease Time-to-Market with Zero Coding Requirements

Workpoint can be embedded as a business rule based decision workflow engine component, providing the flexibility an ISV demands. By deploying Workpoint as a workflow component within existing applications, ISVs can quickly and easily respond to changing market conditions without coding changes.

Free Up IT Resources & Focus on Core Competencies

ISVs that embed Workpoint's native BPM engine (Microsoft and/or J2EE) are able to leverage a comprehensive BPM solution without having to build and maintain the technology themselves. ISVs and ASPs can thus spend time and resources on other aspects critical to the business. Additionally, with Workpoint, business process logic is externalized from applications, so it can be manipulated by business managers without impact on IT departments.

Increase End-User Functionality

Workpoint enables organizations' existing applications to access sophisticated BPM functionality via Web services and open APIs. End-users can then immediately capitalize on new, enhanced technology.

Rely on 24x7 Support

Workpoint is fully developed and supported by our Workpoint support team. This team offers decades of BPM expertise and is available around-the-clock.

Experience Peace of Mind with Field-Proven BPM

Workpoint represents over a decade of development and customer deployment, which differentiates itself from several other solutions on the market today. Workpoint has been successfully implemented at various customer sites across the globe.

Meet Customer Demands with Unparalleled Performance & Scalability

ISVs serve thousands of customers in various industries. Therefore, when ISVs seek a BPM solution, they demand technology that can handle their high volume requirements. With its powerful, stateless runtime engine, Workpoint can support an ISV's most rigorous requirements. The result is reliable, flexible, seamless BPM that manages processes throughout the entire lifecycle.

Join Workpoint's ISV Program

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