CA™ is one of the world's largest IT management software providers. CA's software and expertise unify and simplify complex IT environments in a secure way across the enterprise. Founded in 1976, CA is a global company with headquarters in the United States and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. CA serves more than 98 percent of Fortune 1000® companies, as well as government entities, educational institutions and thousands of other companies in diverse industries worldwide.

CA embedded Workpoint into CA Identity Manager® and CA Role & Compliance Manager®. CA Identity Manager is a comprehensive solution that manages all types of identities across all IT systems, from the Web to the mainframe, throughout the full identity lifecycle. CA IDM provides an authoritative point of identity administration, enforces consistent identity policies and audits identity-related actions. CA Role & Compliance Manager enables you to efficiently build and maintain an accurate role model for your organization while helping you improve identity compliance processes. Using advanced, pattern-based analysis, it greatly reduces the time and effort required for role modeling processes. By automating entitlements certification and providing centralized identity security policies, CA RCM helps you improve security and address compliance requirements.

Workpoint provides CA Identity Manager and CA Role Compliance Manager with a graphical workflow engine, automating routine business procedures such as provisioning requests that require approvals and user provisioning actions. With Workpoint, CA's customers can view every step of the Provisioning process and when one step is completed, the next step is automatically initiated. Workpoint dynamically builds and displays all requested approvals, enabling designated personnel to see exactly what requires their attention and when it must be completed. Workpoint also maintains the status of these procedures so that the initiators can track their requests without needlessly calling or emailing people.

Workpoint also provides CA's customers with workflow features that can be used as is or customized in any way that the business requires. CA's customers can also extend CA IDM or CA RCM workflow procedures into additional business systems. With Workpoint's execution engine embedded, CA's customers have seen a significant reduction in process errors and a substantial increase in process productivity. Thousands of IDM and RCM users are ultimately equipped with an effective and efficient solution to manage critical business processes across the enterprise.

CA Technologies extend its IAM support to include cloud-based applications by providing identity access management as a service from the cloud. CA IDM and RCM capabilities extend IAM to cloud applications and highlights how a customer can leverage the CA portfolio to control access to its SaaS applications. It also includes technology integration to streamline IAM processes and help ensure security policies are followed and access and entitlements are appropriately granted and certified. CA’s new product offering for the cloud utilizes Workpoint as the underlying BPM component.

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