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Capgemini is a worldwide IT company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company provides information and communication technology (ICT) services to various institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, social security, healthcare and government.

Capgemini's ICT services help keep Dutch society operating smoothly. In fact, many citizens routinely—and often unknowingly—use ICT-assisted services from Capgemini. A key service that Capgemini provides is through Traject-Assistant™, a Web-based J2EE application that allows private businesses to interact with the Dutch Social Security System.

To better serve its customers, Capgemini needed a new workflow engine that would enable Traject-Assistant to orchestrate end-to-end processes. The company had outgrown its existing engine, and found that it also lacked flexibility and scalability. Capgemini required an embeddable J2EE workflow solution that had open application program interfaces (APIs) and was capable of high transactional throughput. Capgemini also needed an engine that would work with multiple Java containers.

After a thorough evaluation, Capgemini chose Workpoint. With Workpoint, Capgemini can now manage Traject-Assistant seamlessly and discreetly. Workpoint is embedded within Capgemini’s Traject-Assistant™ solution—a web-based J2EE application created to help manage legislation in the Netherlands that monitors employees that are out of work and assists the processing to get them back into the workforce. In Holland the social security law states that employees have to be reintegrated after being away from work for a while, e.g. because of illness.

Workpoint orchestrates Traject-Assistant's processes from end to end by facilitating the entire chain of support for the employee and employer. The solution administers data, monitors the progress of each unemployed citizen on the system and produces reports for the government. Workpoint tracks all of the steps that are performed in these processes and monitors government imposed regulations and terms that employers must follow. Workpoint also offers end users several tools, such as documents, calls-to-applications, and Java interfaces and messaging. Workpoint also provides Traject-Assistant end users with rich workflow capabilities.

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