Nations Holding Company (Nations) provides exceptional real estate products to servicing and lending sectors across the country. The company's complete line of residential real estate products and services is offered through a national network of company-owned and operated branch offices, subsidiaries and independent policy-issuing agents. Through this family of companies, Nations is able to offer an array of real estate needs, including residential title insurance, foreclosures, signature closings, appraisals and lender and broker solutions. Currently, Nations has 54 offices in 21 states.

To ensure top-rated customer service, Nations must continually maintain expediency, visibility and accuracy. However, because Nations must coordinate and integrate with several holding companies and external vendors dispersed throughout the country, meeting tight deadlines were becoming increasingly difficult. To address this challenge, Nations chose Workpoint BPM. With Workpoint's sophisticated workflow technology, Nations can flawlessly coordinate activities between multiple holding companies and external vendors, ensuring services are completed in the time requested to meet the requirements for each service provided.

Workpoint seamlessly executes various tasks, such as bulk title searches and property appraisal processes. When such tasks are submitted to Nations, Workpoint creates multiple business process instances based on the service being provided. The bulk requests may be as simple as a creation of tasks for one holding company to a multi-facet request that requires coordination of multiple holding companies and external vendors.

With Workpoint as its technology partner, Nations Holding Company can continue as an active, progressive leader in its industry, seeking new territories and opportunities for growth in an ongoing expansion of operations. With the strength of leading-edge BPM technology, Nations can now better provide its customers with advanced tracking capabilities and exceptional levels of service and quality control.

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