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Ovitas Network is a leading provider of workflow oriented, structured and unstructured content lifecycle information management solutions. Ovitas’ software solution maximizes the value of corporation’s largest hidden business asset, information and content. Ovitas’ leading-edge solution leverages corporate knowledge creating value by managing information and content lifecycle through systemic authoring, review and approvals, publishing, updating, security and version control.

With Ovitas, organizations are maximizing the firm’s intrinsic value of the vast amount of content and information. Ovitas content lifecycle solution manages the organization’s information investment enforcing corporate procedures for content-dependent business processes thus increases their competitive edge.

Ovitas offers tailored solutions including expert design, development and deployment of content lifecycle solutions. The company is the premier North American integration partner for Attensity GmbH. Ovitas supports demanding organizations such as General Electric and the United States Marine Corps.

Ovitas uses Attensity’s content management platform to manage back-end content authoring, review and approvals, publishing, updating, security and version control. Unlike standard document management systems, the Attensity product set manages modular content, defined by XML structures.

Ovitas implemented Workpoint to manage the workflow of various content management processes such as document authoring and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (EITMs) collaboration. Workpoint routes the right information, at the appropriate time, to the right people in the appropriate context. Workpoint ensures that correct data is delivered when needed and operates as the integration piece between the Ovitas solution and the end-user's systems.

The impact of Ovitas and Workpoint to the organization is evident—having the right knowledge at the right time for the millions of decisions that will be made each day is invaluable.

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