Red Prairie provides retail productivity solution software that helps retailers eliminate the gap between retail strategy and store-level execution. Red Prairie offers the first end-to-end workforce optimization solution for retailers, integrating store execution management solutions with optimized labor scheduling, time and attendance, learning management and employee self-service solutions. The company's innovative solutions ultimately enable retailers to drive top-line revenue growth through better execution in stores.

Red Prairie's store execution management software allows retailers to schedule and track task-driven labor requirements, such as inventory resets, new displays and product recalls. These task-driven requirements have dramatically increased in recent years due to advanced price optimization and merchandizing solutions that create added workload for store operation. Furthermore, to achieve true workforce optimization, retailers require a labor schedule that considers demand from both traffic and task drivers. To address these issues, Red Prairie embedded Workpoint.

In a time when stores are being asked to handle more initiatives with the same or even fewer staff members, Workpoint ensures that every scheduled hour is focused on the greatest need and highest priorities. With Workpoint, Red Prairie can more easily and readily provide its customers with an end-to-end approach to workforce optimization. Workpoint ultimately ensures that the right product and the right people are in the right place at the right time.

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