SunGard, one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies, provides content and document management, customer service and enterprise-wide workflow solutions for the health, life, property and casualty insurance industries, as well as for financial services organizations. SunGard embedded Workpoint into its iWorks Solution (formally the MACESS.exp product), which delivers outstanding functionality for enterprise content management.

Embedding Workpoint enables SunGard to enhance iWork’s Business Process Management features. SunGard's customers can now graphically model and deploy workflows for a variety of enterprise systems (claims, enrollment, human resources, accounting, medical management, appeals and grievances, etc.). Additionally, SunGard's customers can now immediately access data—no matter where it resides—to complete their tasks. iWorks improves the way customers and employees interact with information and with each other. Important data is secure and intuitively travels when and where it’s needed. Processes are integrated and streamlined, while complexity is replaced with automated processes that enable the enterprise to meet its goals. Documents become smarter and infinitely more useful within—and beyond—corporate borders.

And with Workpoint embedded into iWorks, end users can change business rules throughout the day to manage employee workloads in a dynamic environment. iWorks with Workpoint provide a robust enterprise content management solution that helps Insurers evaluate their global enterprise operations and processes and indemnify opportunities, throughout their entire insurance value chain, to integrate, streamline and transform. iWorks help insurers gain transparency, efficiency and a cohesive network of all stakeholders in their value chain.

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