Customer Interaction
Management Automation

This Workpoint customer is the nation's largest provider of customer care management services in the convergence markets of telecommunications, satellite broadcast, cable television and online access. This customer implemented Workpoint to automate critical customer interaction processes that had been consistently failing and resulting in a loss of direct revenue.

This organization's complex processes required timely coordination between several parties, including individual customers, customer service representatives and IT staff. With Workpoint, the company can now impose discipline in the process and ensure appropriate management for each and every step in the process. Workpoint also supports an unlimited number of rework passes in the development steps of a process. Workpoint then supplies detailed work metrics for each request, so that rework is identified and causes are analyzed. Customer and/or staff education is then distributed to help reduce future occurrences.

To date, this Workpoint customer has seen improved process accuracy, greater customer satisfaction and documented cost reductions.