Dynamic Process Automation

This Workpoint customer is a leading provider of enterprise risk solutions in which more than 300 financial institutions rely on the analytics and advisory services to make risk-aware business decisions; maximize shareholder value; and meet regulatory requirements.

Workpoint is embedded in the operational risk management solution that enables financial institutions to manage risk exposure in today's climate of complex, global transactions and intense regulatory oversight. The solution allows firms to identify; measure and manage enterprise-wide risks; reduce the cost of compliance; and help satisfy regulatory demands. With Workpoint, they are now offering to customers a dynamic risk and control model.

Workpoint essentially creates the variable amount of tasks during the identification and measurement phase of risk assessment. Workpoint ensures accurate and timely processing of operational risk data through its flexible workflow-driven processes. Operational risk managers and/or approvers can define the approval process and any required escalation paths for key activities, such as loss event approval, risk and/or control assessment or periodic certification of control test results.

With Workpoint, users of the solution can also query data, calculate the number of tasks and dynamically add tasks to the running instance. Furthermore, when Workpoint's tasks are added to the instance they are immediately available for users to perform. Additionally, Workpoint business activity features provides notifications and alerting to users and management, ensuring tasks and instances are completed and meet regulatory demands.