Facilities Management Automation

This Workpoint customer is one of the world's largest providers of integrated facilities, providing maintenance, security, food and other services to hundreds of sites in the U.S. Once implemented, Workpoint enabled affordable customization of services while allowing the company to maintain tight operational controls. Workpoint was also combined with an advanced knowledge-management system, integrating hundreds of web-based data sources and creating an open interface to commercial computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Workpoint also provides interfaces to customers' existing systems, such as accounting and HR.

In this setting, Workpoint enables integrated applications to support "mass-customization," where industry best practices are adopted to meet customers' unique needs quickly and cost-effectively. Workpoint also provides real-time status and alerts, so potential violations of service level commitments are immediately identified. Workpoint also captures discrete and aggregate labor cost metrics so that essential cost controls can be enforced.