Contract Management Automation

This Workpoint customer is one of the largest railroads in North America, operating in the western two-thirds of the United States. The system serves multiple states, linking every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port. Third party contracts included anything from repairing tracks, supply food and perform environmental cleanup. Before implementing Workpoint, the contracting system was largely paper-based, and every job that was contracted required a stack of documents to specify the requirements, authorize the work and arrange payment. Workpoint automated the company's contracting process with a unified web interface.

The Contract Automation System (CAS) was designed around Workpoint to automate process management to guarantee that only work required is performed, and that required work is performed to policy. Workpoint operates as the central rules and workflow repository of the CAS application. Workpoint interfaces with multiple databases, interacts with half a dozen thick client applications and back-end legacy applications and generates more than 400 different dynamic webpages for end users of the system.

Since Workpoint was installed, contracting at the company has doubled, yet the contracting department now operates with approximately half of its former staff. By streamlining and automating the contracting process with Workpoint, the company has realized a $15 million savings.