Today's political and economic climate poses many challenges to the public sector. Tight budgets combined with heavy workloads put the squeeze on government employees to do more with less. Moreover, new technology developments (i.e. e-gov initiatives) drive the need for better, more services-oriented relationships between government and citizens. Leading government agencies are turning to BPM technology for a more cost-effective and efficient way to serve their customers, a.k.a. the taxpayers.

With Workpoint, government agencies can better coordinate mission-critical business processes such as procurement, contract proposals, reporting and auditing, permitting and licensing, security clearances and more. Workpoint generates and monitors email notifications, activity duration alerts, emergency project escalation, dynamic document forwarding and issue resolution. Workpoint also provides eG2B infrastructure, incorporating online contract proposal requests and proposal submission and reviews workflow between government personnel and private contractors. Designed for scalability, Workpoint takes full advantage of a component-based architecture that streamlines development of additional functionality, facilitating seamless future application enhancement.