The insurance industry faces constant challenges such as corporate consolidation, rising costs and the demand for superior customer service. On top of this, many agencies are buried in seemingly endless paperwork and faced with improving such critical processes as the management of pended claims, appeals and grievances, customer service, enrollment and human resources improvements. Companies who thrive in the midst of all these challenges have discovered that efficient and dynamic business processes are key to their success.

Workpoint helps increase enterprise agility and efficiency, enabling you to refine procedures and to immediately react to trends and changes in the insurance industry. By deploying Workpoint, insurance companies can increase customer satisfaction by reducing process bottlenecks. Additionally, Workpoint will reduce the operational costs of policy underwriting and claims management by efficiently managing complex business logic and handling process exceptions.

Insurance companies embracing BPM have realized both immediate and long-term ROI. In fact, according to CIO magazine, many BPM customers report an ROI between 200 and 300 percent. Quite simply, BPM is helping the insurance industry meet today's business challenges, lower operational costs and streamline the processes they rely on to run their business.