Law firms today implement a wide range of processes and procedures, covering everything from budgeting to research to client relations management. While these processes are vital to the organization, many have traditionally involved time-consuming practices such as making multiple hard copy documents and manual billing. As firms strive to become more efficient, many are working to maximize effectiveness at the process level. So, it's easy to see why implementing a BPM solution has become a key strategy for many firms across the globe.

Workpoint's BPM technology has helped law firms improve a wide range of processes including new client inception, document creation and automation, and compliance. Through its graphical process development interface, Workpoint can automate a large volume of 'boiler-plate' documents, while still allowing workers to edit documents at points where judgmental contribution is required or beneficial. Additionally, Workpoint provides real-time status and alerts, so potential violations of service level commitments can be identified before they occur. Firms can also take advantage of BPM technology when it comes to billing. As opposed to billing the traditional way—in a rush at the end of the quarter—Workpoint processes can be implemented to automate customer billing and provide finance departments with real-time visibility into the state of billing processes for specific customers. With Workpoint, firms can enjoy countless benefits such as a substantial reduction in paperwork, fewer bills being discounted, and peace of mind.