Many manufacturing organizations are facing an increasingly complex working environment. To remain competitive, many must simultaneously connect supply chains, manufacturing environments and distribution channels. In addition to these challenges, organizations must meet compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Patriot Act. Together, these issues have compelled many manufacturers to re-evaluate how they do business and how they carry out their operational processes.

Workpoint helps manufacturers improve their enterprise operations by managing processes such as vendor management, shipping, logistics and regulatory compliance. Workpoint ensures data integrity, integration and coordination of these complex business processes. Manufacturers are thus able to increase the speed and quality of supplier management by streamlining the bid, procurement and delivery process.

Workpoint is a perfect fit for the control and visibility of any manufacturing process. Workpoint ensures steps of the manufacturing process are performed on-time and in the proper order, which ensures manufactured products are completed on time and with the highest quality by enforcing the compliance procedures instituted by the manufacturers’ best practices. Ultimately, Workpoint possesses the key functionalities manufacturers seek to gain a competitive advantage.