Industry/trade associations and non-profit organizations are extremely diverse in origin, size and types of people served. And while these associations vary, many have one thing in common—a complex funding base. Funding can come in various forms including grants, contracts, membership fees and donations—just to name a few. This funding is crucial to the growth and survival of these organizations; therefore, every dollar must be spent wisely. To make the most out of the budget, many are looking to maximize operational efficiency in every way possible. A logical and cost-effective means for many has been the implementation of a BPM solution.

Workpoint has helped industry associations and non-profit organizations alike make efficient use of critical processes such as member/supporter communications as well as member registration and renewal. Workpoint's BPM technology empowers organizations to optimize efficiency and reduce complexity by automating many routine human business processes. Workpoint enables items like seminar registrations and membership updates to be performed more quickly, on well-defined schedules, and with a lower chance of error. Additionally, the routing of paper-based documents (i.e. invoices, membership applications, information publication, etc.) can be automated and moved to an entirely electronic format. Simply put, Workpoint helps industry associations and non-profit organizations become more efficient—saving them precious budget dollars, and more importantly, helping them better serve their communities.