Everyday wholesale and retail industries face a changing business landscape. Adapting to new technologies, new demographics and shifting consumer preferences are just a few hardships retailers deal with on a regular basis. Managing the brand across delivery channels now demands acute flexibility and quickness at all levels of the enterprise—from production, to delivery, to customer service. The distinguishing factor in terms of cost-efficiency and customer loyalty is a retailer's business processes—making BPM a key factor to gaining a competitive advantage.

Workpoint is a comprehensive BPM solution that helps wholesalers and retailers gain operational efficiency. But perhaps more importantly, it converts that efficiency into a sustained competitive advantage. Workpoint's BPM technology can help retailers with vendor management, training costs and promotional processes, to name a few. Workpoint drives continuous improvement, so retailers can improve their processes in response to the changing environment—whether dealing with new customer demands or switching vendors. Workpoint flexibility enables dynamic changes to the business process to support the process automation for communication delivery to retailers that are continuously changing the retail store format such adding a new smaller footprint, a neighborhood market format. Workpoint BPM is instrumental in the smaller footprint storefronts efficiencies by preventing unnecessary communication to be delivered saving time and utilization of the expensive labor force at each individual store. Ultimately, Workpoint is a solution that will allow employees to improve their job performance, thus enhancing the customer experience in the store.