GUI Process Designer & Monitor

The Workpoint Designer provides a graphical process development interface that allows both business and IT users to define templates or definitions for business processes (i.e., a template for processing a personal computer order). Within Workpoint, these templates are referred to as process definitions. The Designer can manage process instances created from the process definitions (i.e. J. Doe's personal computer order). The Designer can also display multiple process definitions and cases at the same time. All or part of Designer's functionality can be built into an organization's current applications, enabling rapid BPM deployment.

Workpoint Designer: Click to view flash demo

The Workpoint Designer component not only provides a graphical process development interface but acts as both a design time modeling environment and a runtime monitoring environment depending on which graphical view is displayed. Animated maps of process instances change colors as status of tasks on the map change. Process owners, management, system administrators and business executives can then drill down into the Workpoint historical information to determine who did what, when and how long it took in an individual detail or summary aspect. The runtime view of the individual process displays the actual orchestration of the specific process instance in a color-coded manner. This display is invaluable to easily and quickly determine the current status of the process instance for customer inquiries. Summary level views enable management of the business-specific task, highlighting bottlenecks or overdue cases.