Business Activity Monitoring

Management Console

Workpoint’s web-based management console for process monitoring display reports and dashboard-style feature provide a tabular or graphical display of work status and overall process automation status. Data segments within the charts are navigable to explore the underlying data. Standard reports are also accessible via the dashboard component. The management console can also display real-time information and statistics on the Workpoint execution engine and associated background monitors. The management system console displays the status of the BPM engine, enabling dynamic updates to the monitoring functions, such as setting logging levels or properties.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Reporting

Workpoint provides several standard business activity monitoring (BAM) reports, providing visibility into an enterprise's business value chain. BAM reports provide users with a graphical view of the status of individual activities as well as a summary of executive level processes. These graphical reports are also accessible via Workpoint's dashboard component which displays real time information and provides statistics on the Workpoint engine and monitors.