A BPM Solution

Market proven for more than 15 years, Workpoint BPM, an industrial strength Business Process Management solution, delivers the utmost level of agility, visibility and control by providing an end-to-end process management and automation. By offering two native versions, JAVA J2EE and .NET, you can seamlessly automate, manage and optimize dynamic, high volume business processes across any enterprise.

In addition to Workpoint’s dual native execution engines, Workpoint offers several powerful features. For example, each case of work is supported by a unique process model (copied from the original process description when the case is instantiated). This feature facilitates real-time visibility and flexible runtime adaptability, allowing modifications to reflect the unique needs of specific cases as exceptions occur.

Indeed, the entire Workpoint environment reflects the ability for controlled runtime adaptability. Instances can span n-levels deep, supporting granularity and agility of cross-functional boundaries within the enterprise. Each level or sub-process is instantiated and either bound into the parent processes at runtime or instantiated to run concurrently and independently from the parent process. As a result, the entire notion of process discovery becomes easier, allowing businesses to concentrate on the core requirements of the process.

Why Choose Workpoint?

As a highly scalable, easily deployable BPM solution, Workpoint is the clear choice for businesses requiring immediate automation and optimization of their dynamic, end-to-end processes. For more than a decade, companies in the financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing and mortgage industries have chosen Workpoint to meet their high volume, high throughput BPM requirements.

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